Play Hard

3D Archery

3D archery lets you shoot at three-dimensional foam animals in an all terrain course. Archery is great for improving focus, patience and even math skills. Depending on the course it also sets the bar for endurance (longest course so far: 6h 1.400m difference in altitude). It's an activity I like to share with my whole family during holidays or on local competitions.



When I was about eleven years old my parents took me to a Winter Ski Camp at Haldensee, Austria. Those were the days – yeah, I’m dating myself – of wooden skis(core), cable bindings, and lace-up boots. I had a blast. Loved it. Meanwhile the après-ski has nearly the same attraction level.

3some (run, bike, swim) ;-)

Since I am traveling a lot the possibilities for team sports tend to zero. I always used swimming as a basis for fitness. But to be honest: it is rather boring. So during the warm half of the year I extent my training to cycling and some running (I am really not a good runner). A few years ago I combined those 3 disciplines and perform quite well in the sprint category.

Live is a beach...

"Man sollte mehr am Meer sein" ...  (you should visit the beach more often). Never mind if it is cold (sauna->water), windy (kite!), too hot (swim!) or just right (BeachVolleyBall!) - I can't get enough of it :-)